Investing in Bozeman's Future

Your investment in my campaign is an investment in building a better Bozeman through finding common-ground solutions. Your donation will help me reach a broader audience, and bring more voters into participating in this fall's election (and beyond). 

Even if you live outside of Bozeman city limits and cannot vote in the election, please consider making a donation. 

Montana law limits campaign contributions to $180 per person. Multiple members of a household may donate up to the limit, but each donation must be made individually.

Prefer to pay by check?

Please make payable to "Egge for Bozeman" and mail to:

Egge for Bozeman
PO Box 6412

Bozeman, MT 59771-6412

* Montana law requires we ask for your address. 

* Corporate Cards used to make donations are prohibited. Political Contributions are not tax deductible. $180 per person per election maximum contribution allowed by law. Contributions from Corporations and foreign nationals are prohibited.

Tel. (406) 548-4488


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Paid for by Egge for Bozeman  | PO Box 6412 Bozeman MT 59771 | David Weinstein, Treasurer

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