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Hi. My name is Mark Egge. I'm running for Bozeman City Commission.

Professionally, I help organizations like the Nebraska Department of Transportation meet states' future mobility needs. As an individual, I'm a consensus builder. I'd like to bring these skills to city government.

My vision is for Bozeman to become a model for growing without losing what makes us special.

I am a:

  • City Planning Board Member

  • Bozeman Parking Commission Member

  • Former Small Business Owner

  • GVLT NextGen Advisory Board Member

I'm running to see the community's values realized through fiscally responsible policies that:

  • Conserve open space, water, & clean air

  • Create safe streets and a bike-friendly city

  • Move us toward 100% clean renewable energy

  • Expand the supply of affordable "missing middle" housing options

  • Limit sprawl

  • Boost wages

  • Improve regional collaboration and planning

What others are saying about me:

"Egge is smart, very well informed on transportation, growth and city policy, and has well-articulated, sustainable, and achievable ideas for addressing our pressing housing, growth and transportation issues."


"In addition to being a professional planner specializing in growth-related issues, Mark is a good listener who will seek common-ground solutions that preserve Bozeman’s unique identity."


"Mark's commitment to Bozeman and his professional experience make him a strong candidate to address important issues such as affordable housing, improving transportation access, and protecting our environment."


My values include efficiency, honesty, accountability, and civility.

I'm a policy nerd—and no use pretending otherwise!

I invite you to see the issues that are motivating me to run, learn about me and my background, or explore my campaign blog where I dig deep into the policies and issues motivating me to want to become more involved with city decision making: