• Mark Egge

What Differentiates Me From Wallner and Krumm?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I get it—on paper, we look a lot alike. As potential Commissioners, however, we're very different. Each City Commission candidate has unique differentiators. These are some of mine:

My campaign is centered on policies not endorsements (though I'm humbled to have received the written endorsement of many community leaders and advocates).

I would bring a unique transportation and planning skillset. Commissioner Kraus (historically our “transportation” commissioner) is retiring (I'm running for his seat). Given that transportation is one of the city's most important jobs, I think it's important that we have a Commissioner who is knowledgeable and focused on transportation. I'd like to fill that role.

I'm the only candidate (based on my search of the public record) who has submitted more than a single public comment to City Commission, the Community Affordable Housing Advisory Board, or other citizen advisory boards.

I'm the only candidate who has owned a small business, and also the only candidate with experience leading a large team (100+ staff).

I'm the only candidate who works with Municipal Planning Organizations (MPOs). Bozeman is highly likely to get an MPO in the next four years. As a commissioner, I would help us structure a successful and effective MPO office. This will have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts for our regional transportation planning and funding.

I'm the only candidate who has provided my real cellphone number (548-4488) and email address (markegge@gmail.com) on all of my campaign literature. After November 5th, you'll still know where to find me!

Although I grew up on dirt roads in rural Wyoming, I'm the only candidate who has ever lived in a big city. I’ve lived in several (Phoenix, Denver, Pittsburgh). We need leadership with perspective for where we're going, not just where we've been.

My calluses and my check book both corroborate my commitment to conservation. I’m a Montana Conservation Corps alumnus, a member of GVLT’s NextGen Advisory Board, actively supported the Open Space mill levy, and have built or maintained miles of trail in the greater region. I support GVLT, SUWA, Outdoor Alliance, MCC, and American Rivers. (More on my conservation values and here.) I’m the only candidate who has endorsed the Gallatin Forest Partnership Agreement.

I’m a member of Bozeman’s City Planning Board. Mr. Wallner is a member of the Historic Preservation Board. (I have a History degree from MSU but apply that training to look to the future.)

I’m a serious policy wonk (e.g. my Twitter feed).

I spend a lot of my time in wilderness areas (e.g. my Instagram feed).

100% Positive Messaging. I have never once badmouthed or disparaged either of my fellow candidates to a potential voter. I'm proud of this and believe this style of campaigning is what the community both demands and deserves.

I like to see myself as a consensus builder. I’m insistent on constructive dialog—which means civil and solutions-oriented dialog, but also avoiding “wishful thinking” policy ideas that evade the reality of our present moment.


Tel. (406) 548-4488

Email. markegge@gmail.com

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