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Announcing my Candidacy for Bozeman City Commission

Updated: May 31, 2019

This Just Got Real

I'm Mark Egge, and I'm asking for your City Commission vote this fall.

Hi. My name is Mark Egge. I’m passionate about good governance, common-ground solutions, and the Bozeman community. I’m running for Bozeman City Commission this fall and I’m asking for your vote.

I grew up across the border in Wyoming. After graduating from MSU-Bozeman in 2010, I followed my career to Phoenix, Denver, and Pittsburgh, before returning to Bozeman as my permanent home. When I returned to Bozeman, I returned to a city in the throes of grappling with growth. I’ve seen the way that different cities have managed their growth and controlled their own destinies, and I want to Bozeman to grow well, in a way that maintains our character, community, and livability as we grow.

I have a vision for a future Bozeman that avoids sprawl, is an affordable place to live, and protects the natural environment. I have the skills and experience necessary to advance this vision, both in terms of understanding of how the city works (through my service on the city Planning Board and Parking Commission), and as a professional planner who has managed rapid growth in a high-performance private sector context.

As your commissioner, I’ll bring new ideas to the table based on what’s worked and what hasn’t in other communities. I promise to have the humility to always listen to others and to seek common-ground solutions that reflect the community’s values.

If elected, my top priority will be making sure those who live here can afford to stay here. My second priority will be building a transportation system that works for everyone and limits congestion. Finally, I pledge to work every day to preserve and enhance Bozeman’s natural environment and to take action to reduce climate change.

I promise to bring a Montana tradition of solutions-oriented decision making and compromise to the commission, and to work tirelessly to inform and engage the community in defining how we grow.

Montanans for Sensible Government has described me as “smart, very well informed on transportation, growth and city policy” and as having “well-articulated, sustainable, and achievable ideas for addressing our pressing housing, growth and transportation issues.”

Together, we can build a better Bozeman. Last year, I won the Bridger Ridge Run—not by virtual of being a great runner, but by having a vision, a clear plan, and consistent application of effort—and amazing support and input from members of this community along the way.

Please help me advance a better Bozeman by talking to your friends about voting, hosting a yard sign, donating, or knocking on doors with me this fall. I encourage you to explore my website—www.eggeforbozeman.com—to learn more about my vision for the community that Bozeman can grow to be and the policies I believe will get us there.


Tel. (406) 548-4488

Email. markegge@gmail.com

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